Hair Care Routine I Follow Once In 15 Days

My Mother Holding Henna Paste

My mother always insist me to apply Henna paste on my hair, once in 15 day duration. Twice in a month for conditioning of my hair.In Personal care, head to toe care is important whether it is skin care or hair care because its really necessary kind of thing to Look Good. So, I try to do follow this hair care routine since it is totally natural herbal process.

To prepare Henna paste, boil cloves – लौंग,fenugreek seeds – मेथी दाना, tea and coffee in water till boil and then cool it down to normal temperature. After cooling this boiled water – Mix it with honey, Henna powder, mustard oil, curd. Keep it aside in room temperature for 2 – 3 hours in a iron bowl. To preserve henna paste in a iron bowl is highly recommended for better results.
While applying henna paste take care that it should be on every roots of hair to proper conditioning of hair. Wash hair after 1 – 2 hours with plenty of water to remove every trace of henna.
When removing every trace of henna from hair, I applied Pantajali Kesh Kanti Hair Shampoo and Hair Conditioner followed by Matrix Hair Serum. Serum is applied onto hair through out the day after hair wash.  I will soon review the shampoo, conditioner and serum I’m using these days by Pantajali and Matrix.  
I massage my hair with oil a day after to remove dryness which is caused by Henna powder to give hair more smooth and silky touch. Any hair oil type will work but I use coconut hair oil because of its perfect fragrance.
My over all experience :- I love it. Hair are lot more smoother and silky. Perfect Look. This routine has really proved good for me to prevent hair-fall.
P.S. :-  Henna powder is good conditioner for Black hair.

After Applying Henna Paste

After Hair Wash
After Hair Wash

Take Care.



Where Are The Greeting Cards ?

Greeting Cards ? A thing of past. Blast from the past kind of stuff, Right ? An old memory of giving someone, a New Year Card or a Birthday Card  or any other occasion.

Greeting Cards

It seems a sweet old memory to possess greeting cards from near and dear ones who are special part of our life. I still remember that I used to draw cards for everyone – like maa/papa, family, teachers and friends on special occasions/dates. Do you remember those smiles after seeing a card which you use to draw for your loved ones ? I do. Wonderful feeling for me too.

Now, E – cards have taken their place. They are special too but there is a difference as we don’t search for long long hours for cards in market. We just sit in front of PC to send these e-cards to everyone from websites which provide tiny messages( beautiful, off course) on E- cards. They are just a click away. Ok, cool but not that special according to me.

E – Cards

In my childhood year, Me and my brother use to decorate walls and doors with greeting cards which our loved ones use to gift us by hand or by post. Gone are those days sweet memories of collecting greeting cards.

Sweet Memories Of Greeting Cards.


Resolutions For 2015

New Me, Better Me.

I know. I’m little late to share my resolutions I made for this year – 2015. I hope you people (whoever reading this blog), have already made new resolutions. Last year was quit OK, not actually PERFECT. since many things didn’t happen the way I wanted but never mind, I will definitely  do things to make life – a happier place for me and my family. 

2014 was little slow and disappointing for me but I learned one lesson from and for life, that unexpected  ups & downs are the part of life. So, somebody must not be affected, and feel under-confident and loss hope but should move – on to lead a meaningful and happy-go-lucky life. I understand to say these words are easy but a person have to live than complain about life. 

Here are my this new year resolutions with these brand new resolutions –

1. First thing first.  Lets be “Better Me” :- Last year, I was not happy with my own life, actually my career which is in middle of nowhere. Everything else was perfect. So, I will stop complaining and try to find happiness from every corner of my world, my family.  I should avoid “mind wasting” activities from my mind and will have a focused thinking towards life and my family. I will surely ignore disturbing people who let me down every time. Let expect little less or may be nothing from other people, that will hurt less. 

2. Take Admission In A New Course :- In 2014, I thought to take admission in MA English but haven’t taken any initiative. I wasn’t sure to make a career in English but I thought lets do something than anything.  Now, I will take study that subject that will reflect me & my personality. Finger-Crossed for selecting a perfect result-oriented course. 

3. Learn A New Language :- I’m going to start with Urdu. May be, I will do this language course from Jamilia Millia Islamia. Not only because the fee from this university is only Rs. 100/- but also for the reason – I think they teach in detail through correspondence mode. It will be easy and comfortable for me to learn from home. 

4. Be Organized :-  My mother always telling me that I’m not organized and make my life really organized for better daily routine. So that ever thing should fall in place and I will be in peace. My life will be happy and perfect. Be organized is my last but not the least resolution or lets say commitment. 

I hope my life will be  somewhat, New with the beginning of 2015. 

Welcome, New Me, Better Me.

XoX. Lots of Love To All My Lovelies.

#IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob :: Really ?


What’s a woman’s job ? That’s quit a debate raised by company named Ariel on their commercial shown on TV now-a-days with the hash tag  – #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob & #ShareTheLoad . Seriously, it has been religious mind set   of people from ages that all household work are women’s responsibilities, labeled as “duties” by our own society.

Whenever anyone in the society is asked about the responsibilties of a women or a man, they say its a womenly job. Even on the question while raising a girl or a boy, household work like laundry/cooking/dusting/cleaning etc. have had been taught to girl since conservatively its a women job/duty. No matter how many boys/men are there in ta particular family. Men are always away from these responsibilty as 73% /indian men feel, laundry a woman’s job. In a working woman’s life, she has to do all the kitchen’s work, washing clothes and all other household things, then comes her turn to get ready for the office and when she returns from office work, its her duty to do clean the house and cook food for her family again. Men are not interseted to share the load with woman.

Is doing the laundry a women’s job ? Why only laundry, what about other household work which has been assigned only for women . Are all these duties belong to a women ? How many people want to agree with me , Men/Women ? Is their any type of inequility between a man and a woman ? No matter, how much people give lecture on women empowerment, inequility still prevails in people. Its all in speeches that male and female are equal in every possible way.

Don’t you think every person, whether man or woman, should share the load ? We should change our thinking and come out of social norms, it should be normal thing that a man washing clothes/ cooking food for the family and  it must sound absolutly yet another thing that a woman coming late from office like that in the case of a man. Think about it!!!


Family Visit To Cactus Garden

My family was sitting ideal on Sunday evening, when my younger brother Rohan Sharma asked us for a visit to Cactus Garden, Sector 9, Panchkula with him. So, We decided to agree and joined him to give a short visit to Exhibition of cactus & succulent plants , which took place on 29th & 30th November. We were there for at-least 20 minutes in which we all just gave a look around the garden & exhibition on 30th November near about 5:40 pm.

The moment we entered, I started taking pictures of different types of Cactus-es around the garden. So that, I can show you people, these thorny beauties. We had a great time there by just giving a walk around.

Just leaving you with photographs of our visit to the garden. Enjoy watching them and do tell me you liked or not.

Tree With Thorns On It’s Truck
Beautiful Cactus-es

Awesome Thorny Plants & My Parents In Top-Right Corner

XoX … 

Review – Yardley London’s Secret Crush

As I told you in my previews post that I will post a review of the fragrance I bought from Big Bazaar some time ago. The name of this fragrance is Secret Crush Refreshing Body Spray.

Yardley London..

Company’s Claim :

Yardley Secret Crush is a refreshing fragrance for the  contemporary women of today. This fragrance is a melange of violet, fruity florals and amber that leaves you invigorated all day long..

Ingredients :  

Ethyl Alcohol, Butane, Isobutane, Propane, Fragrance, Diethylphthalate, PPG 20 Methyl , Glucose Ether, Triclosan,

Usage :

Hold upright and spray 15 cm from the skin.

Net Content :

150 ml/96 g.

Price At Big Bazaar :

Rs. 160/-(Approximately).  Actual Price(MRP) : Rs. 175/-.

My Take :

I have been using this body spray from last few days. Not worth it’s claim. These days, I do spray this fragrance at about 9 O’Clock. By the time it’s 2 O’Clock, the fragrance is all gone. I don’t smell any fruity florals as per written by the company behind the bottle, it’s just normal like any other ordinary fragrance.

Don’t you people think that if it’s name is Secret Crush, it supposed fragrance should be romantic – like  rose or that kind.


Ruchi Sharma


In My Wishlist – A Trip To Paris

Everybody have wishes. Right ?
You must be having too. The same or different but for sure we have wishes, after all we are human beings. Wishes give us hope. Hope give us happiness. We are thrilled to even think – that if we do that we will be happy , in one way or the other.

I have a wish too. A trip to City Of Love – Paris, capital of France. I just cant tell you why I have this desire but I do have had it. I wish it get this dream sooner or later, Once in a life time chance trip. Finger – crossed.

Photographs Courtesy – Collection Photos 2013   

Matrix Biolage Smooth Therapie Review

I purchased Matrix Biolage Smooth Therapie for frizzy hair about 1 month ago but thought to see the effects of using this trio (~ Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum) and then tell you my experience of about a month. The change on my hair is very good since the thickness of my hair increased but I did not see any big reduction in hair-fall… 

All the three products smells really good, quit a coconut touch.


The net volume of Shampoo is 200 ml and its cost is Rs. 195/- only. 

Matrix claims that this product smoothes unruly, frizzy, medium to coarse hair with silky serum of Camellia. Serum-infused technology deeply moisturizes and helps control frizz through all seasons – even in 97 % humidity. That’s very much holds the truth for my frizzy hairs.Its Paraben free. That’s good too.


The net volume of Conditioner is 98 g and its cost is Rs. 160/- only.


The net volume of Serum is 100 ml and its cost is Rs. 260/- only. 

The claims for conditioner and serum is same which are very much correct. I’m using Matrix Biolage Smooth Therapie most these days and feeling happy & relaxed about my hair as they are looking perfect as compared to my previous days without this trio. I see a healthier and shinner hair. Perfect. WoW !!!

Trip To Timber Trail And Kasauli

I was out of station for 1 night and 1 day trip with my family to Timber Trail which is situated in Parmanoo and Kasauli. These places are situated in Himachal Pradesh.

We started our trip near about 6: 45 pm on 12/07/2014 from panchkula, Haryana. When we reached Timber Trail, we bought tram’s ticket worth Rs. 700(approx.) for adults and 600(approx.) for children from 3 years to 13 years old making it near about Rs. 5000/- only for 15 minutes  visit to that part of Timber Trail which is situated at an altitude of 5000 feet atop of shivalik ranges. Using the tram (cable car) was a awesome  and unique experience in itself as we got the aerial view of beautiful mountains. Timber Trail Heights – a perfect destination for a perfect holiday. Come enjoy.

Enjoyed The Trip

My Mother And My Aunt.
Cable Car – Timber Trail
My Father And My Uncle.

 Then, after staying for 1 night in a rest house in Parmanoo, we moved to Kasauli, next morning, which is a small yet gorgeous hill station in Himachal Pradesh.

My Brother
My Mother 

Me Minus Make – Up

Thereafter, we all family members visited monkey point on which a temple of Hanuman is situated on the heights of Kasauli. The whole area is under the supervision of Indian Air Force. At about 1:00 O

‘clock at afternoon we returned to heritage maket of kasauli and some Momos(quit a Lunch, not exactly ). All of a sudden it started raining heavily. After enjoying rain for an hour we returned t o Panchkula at about 5 O’clock in the evening. Short but enjoyable trip. 
Sorry, I will not be able to show you people the pictures of Monkey Point since camera, mobiles, bags and many other things were not allowed there.